Transformation Tuesday #3 Fail…

I was really excited about today’s post.

I picked up this beauty FO’ FREE off of Craigslist. Isn’t she just gorgeous!?

d wShe’s a super heavy quality built Lane chair…that I got…FO’ FREE!!

This is how I brought her home (trying to avoid the impending rain I might add)

sThank you so much to the nice man who helped me load it, gave me rope to tie it down, and gave me the chair…FO’ FREE!

The reason I’m so excited is because I have been looking to get my hands on one of these wingbck chair babies for about a year. But either the one’s I found were more than I was willing to pay or they weren’t in the greatest condition. But then this little piece of heaven came around and it was perfect. The seat is still firm so that means I can probably reuse the foam (which is expensive) and everything else was solid too! There is a little bit of cat scratched material but I plan to take that off anyways so it didn’t matter!

I know there are a million wingback chair tutorials out there on the web, but since this is a special moment for me that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, I’ll make this a brief one million and one….very brief

I bought a nice neutral linen fabric. I’m thinking about keeping this little darling so I knew I wanted a sophisticated and classy chair that could fit in with my changing styles. I thought this fabric would be perfect. I also knew I wanted to add some nice nailhead trim to give it that high class attitude.

I started to take it apart Saturday night around 5pm thinking that I could take it apart that night and then get to reupolstering it all day Sunday…

5 hours later and I had only gotten the back and one side ALMOST off…not even all the way! There are so many staples and teeth and metal contraptions on this thing that I gave up when I started to get blisters on my hands. I’ve decided I’m going to take it apart little by little to save my sanity. This week is horrible timing too because I’m trying to get ready for a garage sale that I’m having this weekend. So much to do!

But anyways, my grand plan on of having that chair done to show you guys today was an epic fail. Hopefully by next Tuesday I’ll have more to share!!

Have a great Tuesday all!!

Question of the day:

What kind of complications have you run into while working on a project?



Transformation Tuesday! #2

I am so excited to show you guys the transformation I have for you today!

So on Saturday, my Mom and I took a trip out to this amazing fabric store in Jamesville, NY called The Fabric Mill. It was an amazing place!

Below is the sample room alone! So many choices!!

photo (90)

They have a big clearance event coming up that I will definitely be attending!

On the way to The Fabric Mill, we made an impromptu stop at an estate sale. And that is where I found this beauty for only $3!

photo (91)

Look at that fun pattern carved out of the wood!! I fell in love and guarded it with my life until it was safely in my car (2 people told me they wished they had seen it first!)

While at the fabric store aka heaven, I had this chair in mind and I found the perfect fabric for it!

As soon as I got home, I took the seat off of the chair:

photo (88)

Put wood filler into the dents and holes:

photo (89)

And sanded the uneven parts down.

Then I put it on its side so I could paint the underside of it first:

photo (86)

I used my go to Rustoleum paint

photo (85)

photo (84)

Here’s the chair after one coat of primer:

photo (83)

When the painting was done and drying, I got to work on the seat cushion! I took the old fabric off, put new batting on it, and then covered and stapled it to the back.

photo (82)

Now…here’s the before picture again:

photo (91)

And the beautiful after!!!

photo (72)

photo (73)

photo (74)

And the delicious, perfect fabric!

photo (79)

This transformation literally only took me 2 hours tops! And it was so inexpensive! This chair would look absolutely adorable in a nursery or a little girls room.

I can’t help but stare at it…so pretty


Hope you enjoyed!!

Question of the day:

Where is your favorite place to buy fabric?


Transformation Tuesday

Congrats! We made it through Monday! The day actually flew by for me. Only 4 more days until the weekend! To take your mind off of that sobering thought, here’s a new tutorial for you to enjoy!

I bought this night stand/end table/filing cabinet/ whatever you want to call it at Goodwill for $4.30. Even though it was laminate,  I had faith I could make some magic happen and I couldn’t resist the price.

photo (60)

I noticed that the top of it was full of little raised bumps. I thought to myself, ‘oh, I can sand those out no problem, It’s just a little water damage. So I tried…

photo (59)

And failed…It was particle board and just continued to fall apart the more I sanded. Dumb. So I decided painting it would camouflage it! I used spray paint by Valspar that I got at Lowe’s.

photo (63)

The color is called La Fonda Mirage…strange name but I swear I’m not lying!

photo (61)

Such a pretty color and the coverage was great! But sadly, it didn’t do what I wanted and cover up the now dents in the top of the cabinet.

photo (58)

After thinking about it for a day, I decided the only alternative was to cover the top up! I went to Michaels and bought two sheets of scrapbook paper. I covered the top with a thin layer of Mod Podge and the cut the pieces to size, and then put a few more coats of Mod Podge on top, letting each coat dry in between. See! Now it’s pretty again!

photo (56)

I thought about putting on a nice crystal drawer knob for the top drawer and then a silver pull handle for the bottom one but man, those things can be expensive!! So I used some Rustoleum Metallic silver spray paint I had on hand and just gave the two existing handles a couple of coats. See! good as new!

I used Minwax Finishing Wax to add some protection and shine to the paint on the cabinet.  Just use a clean cloth to put a thin layer on, wait 10-15 minutes, and then buff it off! So easy!

photo (64)

Compared to how boring she was before, I’d say she looks mighty fine now!

Total cost including the cost of the cabinet and supplies: approx $15…Boom!

photo (57)

Before and After

Before and After

photo (27) - Copy

Thanks for looking 🙂


Motivate Me Monday! Cane Chair Makeover!

Ughhhh, Monday…sucks.

I have a great tutorial for you today though! It was my pride and joy and now it’s someone else’s baby (Sadly, I decided I didn’t need it and had no place for it so I sold it to a new home). Hopefully it will motivate you to get out there and try out upholstering  too!

I bought this chair for $15 dollars at my local Goodwill. I was so pumped because it has beautiful lines.

photo (25) - Copy photo (51) - Copy photo (52)

Sophie decided she liked it too!

photo (50) - Copy

I decided to paint it white and use a navy chevron printed fabric. I got this printed duck (whatever that means, I just know it felt heavier than regular fabric) at Hobby Lobby.

I started by unscrewing the bottom seat from the chair frame. I had to gently take off the mesh covering that hid all the staples and extra fabric that was underneath the chair. I then used a screwdriver to detach the seat. To get the fabric off, I used a flat head screw driver to get under the staples to remove them…and there were a lot!

photo (49) - Copy

And I was left with this:

photo (39) - Copy

I was lucky with this chair. Al of the foam and batting was in great shape and had no odors so I was able to just reuse it all! If the foam/batting is saggy or smells, I would suggest replacing it. You can get both at a local craft store such as JoAnn Fabrics, or I heard that you can get the foam cheaper at Home Depot.

I then started on the double welt cord on the seat back. (**Remember what order you take things off in so that you remember how to put it back together! Pictures are great for this!) It was held onto the chair with staples so I took my flat head screw driver and got under the staples to get them out.

photo (45) - Copy

This got old fast and so it was easier for me to just grab an end of the cord and pull!

photo (46) - Copy

So many staples!! The ends were attached with a bunch of nails.

photo (47) - Copy

Next, go around the edges and remove all of the staples holding the back piece to the chair (yes, all of the previous million staples were just holding the cording on…crazy)

photo (48) - Copy photo (43)

If a staple broke, I found it was easier to grasp it with needle nose pliers and rotate them so the staple curled around the pliers. The million staples went pretty quick.

Next, take the top piece off (shown below) and remove the staples from the back piece of fabric. (The piece that faces out when you look at the back of the chair.)

photo (53)

Save the old fabric remnants to use as stencils when cutting your new pieces.

photo (35) - Copy

Once I traced and cut my fabric (I cut an extra inch on each side just to have as a safety net), I attached my pieces. I started with the seat. I just went around the edges, pulled extra tight, and stapled. At a point where the seat curved inward, instead of sewing it to fit tight, I just manipulated the fabric around it because it was easier.

photo (36) - CopyI also folded the edges under so that I wouldn’t get any fraying edges.

All done!

photo (34) - Copy

I next moved onto the back piece. This part had tufting but was super easy. The buttons were attached to metal parts that held them in place. All I did was cover the existing buttons with the chevron fabric using hot glue, then covered the piece with the chevron fabric, and just pierced the metal ends through into the existing holes! The fabric fell the way it was supposed to! Couldn’t have been easier!

photo (53)

I decided to paint the chair white rather than keep the wood since the wood was a little beat up. I would have had to sand the whole thing and then restain and seal, more trouble than I was willing to go through. I used wood filler to fix any dents and sanded it down lightly and applied a primer.



After one coat of primer spray paint.

After one coat of primer spray paint.

I used a glossy white spray paint which worked great! I only went through two cans too!

I decided to add a little more zazz and spray paint the bottom of the legs gold! I used metallic gold from Rustoleum. Love that stuff! Just taped the area off using painters tape and boom, done. Instant ZAZZ.

Once the paint was dry and I had let it cure for a couple days, the next step was attaching a piece of fabric onto to back of the chair from the inside of the chair frame. This was probably the trickiest part. I started by attaching the fabric to the frame at the top with my staple gun then just worked my way down the sides and finally the bottom You have to continuously check the back to make sure its straight and tight. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this process :/ .

I then used some of those tiny nails that you use to hang picture frames with to attach the back of the seat back onto the chair. My staples weren’t making the cut, they weren’t long enough. Then, just to see what the finished product would look like, I put the seat on the chair (didn’t attach) and seeing this gave me the motivation to finish it! Almost finished!

photo (54)

Tee only thing missing is the double welt cord. Now this part I hated…so much. I try to stay away from the sewing machine if I can. Although the tutorial I used was fantastic along with the help of my mother who I called constantly with questions…Sorry Mom!

The tutorial I used for making double welt cord can be found here. I then attached it to the chair using hot glue. This was easier and more practical for me personally.

photo (31)

The only two things left to do was reattach the seat with the screws and then staple the mesh bottom back on to hide it all!! Done!! Finished! So happy!

I love the feeling of finishing a project an just standing back and admiring it. Pride in what you do is so important! So without further ado, my pride and joy!

photo (30) - Copy photo (29) - Copy photo (28) - Copy photo (26) - Copy

photo (32)

photo (27) - Copy

It makes me so happy. I’ll have a future post on the little aqua stand you can see in the picture above.

With the fabric and paint costs, as well as the cost of the chair itself, this makeover only cost me $50 to make. Not bad right?

Welp, that’s my tutorial today! I hope it motivates you to try your own hand at upholstery!

Question of the day:

What project that you’ve done are you most proud of?