Transformation Tuesday #5…Me


Hi all,

Yup, you read the title right. This Transformation Tuesday is all about me!

I recently joined an Insanity Challenge group to try and get back in shape! I’ve never done Insanity so I’m nervous but I’m going to push onward anyways! I took my before shots and measurements and I can’t wait to show you guys the afters!

I decided to join the challenge group because I need people to hold me accountable or else I won’t follow through and finish it. If it gets too hard, I’d just quit. It’s not a great quality to have in myself but it’s the truth. This way I figured I’d have to do it.

It’s not going to be easy and I know I’m going to want to quit but hopefully this group will help me stick with it. I just want to get back into shape and tone, maybe lose 5lbs…nothing major.

Last night I did the fit test and barely made it through that so the next two months should definitely be interesting…if you don’t hear from me…yea I probably died…just kidding!

So tonight will be the first real workout…wish me luck!

Question of the day:

What have been your experiences with Insanity?



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