What I’ve been up to lately

Happy Wednesday!

Since I haven’t had time to do any of my many projects lately, I thought it was only fair to let you know what I’ve been up to. This past weekend was my garage sale so I was super busy with that and then Sunday I was dead…I did make my favorite vegetable soup though which I will be sharing soon. (I know, soup. I had a craving so I decided to go with it because that way I wouldn’t have to worry about lunch the rest of the week.

Monday I was supposed to work on fixing up and painting a table for my mom. That project is also coming soon, but I honestly I can’t guarantee anything :/ I was planning on working on it after work but when I got home, my two friends Kate and Jesse convinced me that taking a ride out to Skaneateles would be a lot more fun. And it was. We got ice cream then went by the lake and fed the ducks. IT was such a nice night and it was great to enjoy it at the end of summer.



Last night after work I went to the Dave & Buster’s sneak peak event at DestinyUSA. They are one of our clients at work so a bunch of us went after work. I brought my friend Kate as my plus one and we had a blast! I had never been to a Dave & Busters before and it was a great experience.

We got a free $20 game card and two free drink cards at the door as well as a bunch of food that was being passed around and was set up buffet style. They had the biggest shrimp I’d ever seen!!

Kate and I got 22oz Angry Orchard’s and they were hugeeee! KAte demonstrated their size by comparing it to her head…practically the same size!



Kate and I

Kate and I

We also had a couple of intense games of 4 player air hockey with two of my coworkers, Betsy and Krissy.

This was our second game where I was the first to get out

This was our second game where I was the first to get out

Syracuse University’s mascot, Otto the Orange showed up too!



He gave Betsy some love 🙂



We got a tonnn of tickets and Kate and I decided to combine tickets and get our friend Jesse some presents since he couldn’t come. He loved them!


Overall it was a great time and we will definitely be back!

Thursday is the opening day of the Great New York State Fair! They are also one of our clients so we will be closing the office early and we’ll be heading over there after work. I love the fair. It’s located right in Syracuse where I grew up so I’ve been going every year since I was a kid. There is so much stuff to look at from all over the state but I do have to say, my favorite part is definitely the food. And wine slushies. Mmmmmmm yum. I’ll give you a recap on it, don’t worry!

Question of the day:

Whats your favorite part of your state or local fair?



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