Motivation Monday #3 Garage Sale Recap

It’s finally Sunday. And I’m still exhausted. The past two days have been exhausting but successful. I am not looking forward to work tomorrow because I would rather take another day to lay in bed and relax. Oh well…back to real life. But first, a recap of garage sale weekend!

I took Friday off from work and we had the sale Friday and Saturday, 8-2. I had everything mostly labeled in the garage Thursday night ready to move outside Friday morning. Jammed. Packed.

hui bhigiI put a lot of the furniture on Craigslist starting the Tuesday before with my advertisement for the sale and sold some prior to the sale which was awesome!

Friday morning I was up at 6am and was out putting up signs. I was so stressed about the signs, about where to put them, and then that morning I just got it done. Tip: just bring a hammer and take existing nails out of the telephone poles and reuse them to hang your sign. I also used foam board to make the signs because they don’t bend and held up a lot better to the morning dew.

I dragged everything out and just sat back and let the people come.

bik 20130816-094923.jpg

niol buiguik bkh bi

People came in waves both days (we probably sold more big stuff Friday and smaller stuff Saturday) and if someone made an offer, I usually took it. I just wanted the stuff gone and the way I saw it was it’s money I didn’t have yesterday and that’s a little more room in my house.

We made about $300-$350 overall, but it was split between 4 people, me, Kev, my mom, and my stepmom, because we all had stuff that was out to sell.

So much work but so worth it in the end!!

Have a great Monday!!

Question of the Day:

What have been your experiences with garage sales? Good? Bad?



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